Content Management Systems & eCommerce

If your business relies heavily on updating marketing content and managing products for an eCommerce storefront, or any dynamic site that you have in mind, then a Content Management System can greatly reduce your development efforts and time to market. Your marketing team can modify content, page layout, product information, and even product pricing through the use of a CMS.

What are the benefits of a CMS hosted site?

  • Quick creation of new publications. Content can be searched, retrieved, and reused to create new products within minutes.

  • Easy product modifications. Adjust the price, detailed product information or marketing material related to a product on your E-Commerce site.

  • Timely delivery of publications. Single-source content is updated once and repurposed for multiple media channels as often as daily or weekly.

  • Centralized and shared content. Content is consolidated into one powerful repository, facilitating content sharing among co-workers.

  • Accurate content. Because each piece of content is only stored one time in a CMS, it can be reused throughout one or multiple documents. The CMS tracks every instance of content reuse and flags all instances when a change is made to ensure all appropriate instances are updated and consistent.

  • Secure content. User privileges are assigned, so only authorized people can access content with unique IDs.

  • Shorter editorial cycles. Users are alerted to their pending tasks and due dates. Additionally, daily editorial tasks can be automated to save time.

What can we offer you?

CMS cloud hosting and back-end integration with existing business systems.
Product direction and guidance for choosing the best CMS for your business.
Integration with existing business and reporting systems. (ex. Salesforce, Zuora)
User role and group management setup for secure content editing.
Template design and development for initial setup and layout.
Skin and theme design for alternate store fronts and a/b testing.

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