Software Architecture & Design

Software Architecture is the art and science of designing and building software applications that meet the needs of their intended users over a period of time. The software we build for your business will have a strong foundation to adapt to the ever-changing needs of your customers. The reusability of a piece of software can save enormous amounts of time in the long run.

What are the benefits of software architecture?

  • Manage complexity. Systems today are more complex than ever, and this complexity needs to be managed. Since an architecture focuses on only those elements that are significant, it provides an abstraction of the system and therefore provides a means of managing complexity.

  • Systematic software reuse. Increases productivity and improves quality of software components. The process of architecting can support both the use and creation of reusable assets

  • Support the planning process. Providing guidance to the project management team and expediting the project planning process.

  • Architectural integrity. Provide a solid framework for the work undertaken by the designers and implementers.

  • Reduce maintenance costs. Always ensure that the maintainer of the system is a key stakeholder and that their needs are addressed as a primary concern, not as an afterthought. Consider the areas of a system most likely to require change and work to isolate them.

  • Impact analysis. How will these changes impact our current implementation? Identify the major components and their interactions, the dependencies between components, and traceability from these components to the requirements that they realize.

What can we offer you?

Database design, hosting and configuration
NoSQL for Big Data solutions that require fast access to information
Architectural design based on business requirements
Message-based middleware designs for guaranteed delivery
Entity Framework, MSSQL Server design and configuration
N-Tier Design MVC 4, ASP.NET Web Forms, PHP, and CMS

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